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Current Missionaries Supported by FUMC with email addresses.

Seth & Tina Anyomi (click to e-mail)

Ghana, West Africa

Established & administer GEMI, a trainging institute for native African missionaries to evangelize unreached tribes, an 800-student K-12 school in Winneba, a Day Care Center in Amedzofe, and a medical clinic for the poor at Nima-a stronghold of Islam.


Jose and Audrey Banales (click to e-mail)


OMS Field Directors coordinating English-Second Language ministry with ten young churches planted in Mexico City. Personal Christian witnessing and using Scripture to teach English are effective means of evangelism and church-growth in Mexico.


Jim & Angela Beise (click to e-mail)


They establishe home Bible studies and "cell-group" churches and train Christian leaders in a country where only 5% of the population owns a Bible and where almost 95% of the towns and villages do not have a resident evangelical Christian witness.


Mathews & Rachel Chacko (click to e-mail)


Church planter and founder of Bethany Academy one of South India's finest residential K-12 schools with 1500 students and a staff of 125, a Bible school, a Vo-Tech school, and a seminary.


Verghese & Hildegard Chandy (click to e-mail)

Sri Lanka

Longtime, effective ministry of church planting, church leadership training and discipleship, and evangelism crusade outreach in Sri Lanka, India, and Africa.


Derrell and Barbara Cox (click to e-mail)


The Cox family will be ministering to Botswana in southern Africa with SIM. Derrell has experience in construction and water development. Barbara's backgroung is ESL and church ministry. They will be using their practical skills to help hurting people. Also they will be bringing a written language to a people where none exists.


Kimberly Cearly (click to e-mail)


Wycliffe missionary living in the Black Forest of Germany. Kimberly is a house parent in the Maugenhard dormitory for boys at the Black Forest Academy. She will be leading the students on evangelistic outreaches throughtout the Kandern area as well as other European countries.


Jeanette Dunse (click to e-mail)

Malawi Africa

A christian RN responsible for the administration and health care in a newly established orphanage. Assisting in the development of a Bible school and missions training center for local pastors.


Pat & Melinda Edmiston (click to e-mail)

Papua New Guinea

They are completing their translation of the Bible for the Alamblak tribal people. They also have created and are implementing a national elementary public school literacy program that uses the text of the Bible.


Amy Embry (click to e-mail)


Working with Jr.High and High School students thru the establishment of Young Life Clubs. Leading discipleship groups and Bible studies in the International School of Bangkok.


Robert & Joyce Hamd (click to e-mail)


An important ministry to the Muslim Druze people in a sensitive and dangerous area of the world.


Chirs Hena (click to e-mail)


GBGM Medical Missionary. A native Liberian called by God to become a medical missionary. Chris served in Russia for many years and is now in Semey, Kazahkstan, a nuclear weapon site during the Russian occupation. They have many health issues from radiation exposure.


Ron & Patriza Morse (click to e-mail)

Burma, Thailand and China

They are a third-generation missionary family living among and ministering to the formerly unreached Lisu.

Issam & Joumana Nasser (click to e-mail)


Pastors of a small evangelical church in Beirut, Lebanon. They are establishing home goups and training Christian Leaders among the Druze people.


Bruce Olsson (click to e-mail) www.bruceolson.com (web site)


He has devoted his life to living among and ministering to the formerly unreached primitive Motilone Indians deep in the jungles


Sunday Onuoha (click to e-mail)


Sunday is involved in church planting, evangelism, faith-sharing and leading medical teams throught Vision Africa, a ministery begun in 1997. More than 105 churches have been planted since the establishment of this ministery.


Joel & Sarah Purcell (click to e-mail)


Using a specially equipped van, they plant churches in the remote mountainous regions through showing The Jesus Film. They also train and nurture native pastors and provide thes same pastors wtih "mini-libraries" of Bible reference books to help them in their preaching/teaching ministries.


Peter & Ester Pereira (click to e-mail)


Peter coordinates city-wide evangelistic crusades and provides a school and health care for "homeless" Hindu and Muslim children.


Clarence Wagner (click to e-mail)

Clarence shares the Gospel with both Arab and Jewish poor while distributing food through Israel's only food bank which they established. He ministers to the thousands of Jewish immigrants who pour into Israel each month. He teaches courses to help Christians understand the "Jewish roots" of the Christian faith. He provides leadership at international Jewish-Christain Relations Conferences.


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