Missions Prayer Focus August 2002

Jeanette Dunse           Malawi, Africa

Jeanette has been stricken with a severe case of malaria that has required hospitalization.  She was vomiting and the disease has left her very weak.  Pray for Jeanette’s speedy recovery and for help with her work at the orphanage.


The Coxes               Botswana, Africa

The Coxes were robbed in their home in mid June but are getting life back to normal. Derrell was hit three times with bolt cutters and had about $845 stolen along with Derrell’s ID, three credit cards and their house keys.  A man named Paul, who is the contractor remodeling their house stayed with them the night after the robbery to protect them.   Paul is not a Christian, nor is his helper, Ozias, but they have been very friendly and seem open to hearing about Jesus.  Ozias has been asking lots of questions, especially of the Cox’s children, about why they would leave America to live in Botswana.  Pray for God’s continued protection of the whole family.  Please pray for ease of assimilation for the whole family, but especially for the children. They also ask for prayer as they begin language study.  Derrell will be going to the university nearby while Barb will probably have a language helper at home.


The Purcells                               Peru

The Purcell family is on furlough for the next year.  They ask for prayers for their family transition here in the US and when they return to Peru as they will be working in an area with less than 2% Christian evangelicals.  Upon their return,  the children, Samuel, Katie and Luke, will be going to boarding school and Joel and Sarah ask for their protection and growth in the Lord.  Pray for the effectiveness of the Book Set Conferences while the Purcells are away.  They have three very dedicated people continuing their work. Sarah will be starting Kid’s Clubs and she and Joel will be mentoring new missionaries, Alan and Amy George, both doctors, and a woman who will be teaching Christian Sunday School teachers.  David Quispiroca, one of their co-workers in Peru is now a missionary to China. Pray against the enemy’s strongholds of drunkenness and idolatry in Peru.


The Chackos                              India

Remember Rachel and Mathews in light of the strife between India and Pakistan. Mathews is planning to be in the US in September and October and will be looking for people with knowledge and materials to start a Montessori program there to improve the kindergarten and primary school. The Chackos are praying for workers to help them teach English, Art, Music, Computers, and physical education in grades kindergarten through 12th and Bible in their Divinity School.  Bethany will probably be the top academic school in the state for this last academic year.  They also have several proposed development projects on the campus and with the people to whom they minister.


The Beises                               France

Praise the Lord for GOOD NEWS from France.  Five people have given their lives to the Lord as a result of an “Evening of Jazz”  that Jim organized for their church and a subsequent Alpha course offered by a friend of the Beises.  The Alpha course, which is offered in English, has the potential to reach people from all parts of the globe who live in Paris.  Everyone who attended this first course, with one exception, received Christ as his or her savior.  Gail, their friend, is finding that more people want the Alpha course than she has leaders to teach it!  The Beises also sang on a worship CD in French that was released in mid June.  The Beises are coming home for part of the summer to take their youngest, Michael, to visit doctors around the US and to visit family while they’re here.


The Shamblins               Afghanistan

Donald has been invited to Afghanistan to teach English to the Cabinet Members for at least 3 to 4 months and possibly longer, but is still waiting for the go ahead after several delays for various reasons. The last word they received indicated that the departure date would be early August. Please pray for his opportunity to share the gospel and wisdom as he does so. Pray as well that he receive the finances he will need for his on-site expenses which will be about $700 a month for food, lodging and transportation.  At this point, they are expecting that Marlis will join him in Afghanistan in September.  Until his departure, Donald and Marlis are planning to take a team to the Philippines to work with Pat Capwell in July.  They are praying for the Lord’s provision for travelling funds.


The Hamds                    Middle East

Pray for the believers in the area to be strengthened in their faith and for their resolve to reach out to others with the gospel in this place of great danger.       


The Banales                             Mexico Audrey is recovering from back surgery “wonderfully  though her doctor has found she also has amoebas. She is expected to be released by her doctor in three months.  As a result of her surgery, Audrey and Jose had the opportunity to share the Gospel with a good friend and she accepted Jesus as her Lord. Praise God who works in all things!  Additional surgery is anticipated for Audrey the end of September to repair her esophagus.  Also, pray for the preparations underway for a VIM team from FUMC to work with the Banales.  We expect the team will go to Mexico City in early 2003.


Morses        Thailand, Burma. China

Ron and Pat ask for prayers as their oldest son, Jason,  makes decisions regarding which college he will attend.  They also ask for prayers for him when he starts college and the certain culture shock he will face after having been raised on the mission field.  Ron is also asking if anyone has any musical instruments not in use that they would be willing to donate to Grace International School or to the Morse children for their further musical education.  Grace International School is growing rapidly and is in need of additional classroom space especially for elementary grades so they don’t have to turn away any more missionary kids wanting to attend.


Chris Hena                       Kazakhstan

Continue to remember Chris before the Lord for her ease of assimilation into the community. People in Semey have been very rude to her and have been making fun of her. She will not let that deter her from doing God's work there. Continue to pray for Chris' own health as it may be affected by the years of radiation contamination there. She will also need prayers for a safe food and water supply.


The Chandys                       Sri Lanka

Verghese has had trouble with his vision, which he says is improved to 85 percent of normal, but needs more prayer for full recovery. Pray for space for all the believers who come for worship at the New Covenant Church, which now has three services for about 200 people each week. Also pray for their efforts to start a Christian radio station and recording studio for the area. Continue to pray for the new government in Sri

 Lanka and for peace talks under way between the warring factions.


The Nassers                    Middle East

Pray for the faith journey of three young women that are attending their church and studying the Bible with Issam and Joumana, one o f whom has given her life to the Lord. Joumana is starting a Kids Club with 50 children in attendance. Pray the youth come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.


Nigeria         July 29-August 10, 2002

A team will be returning to Nigeria with Sunday Onuoha to visit an orphanage to provide medical care and evangelize in the area.  Stan Cosby, Danny Moss, Lisa White, Joanna Nees and Norman and Betty Haws are among the team members.  Pray for Dr. Cosby as he will be preaching the ordination service for the Nigeria Annual Conference.


El Salvador                         Fall, 2002

Pray for the families who will be receiving the homes we will build in El Salvador. We will likely be working in the Jayaque area, which was had major damage from the earthquakes in 2001. Pray for wisdom and a good working relationship with our brothers and sisters in El Salvador.


Allende, Mexico         Sept/Oct. 2002

Pray that the Lord would supply members for a team from FUMC to help complete the church in Allende that has been under construction for quite some time.


Clarence Wagner                      Israel

Remember to pray for Clarence as he does his work with Bridges for Peace in Israel near Bethlehem. There is fighting all around where he lives and works. Indeed, pray for the peace of Jerusalem and for Clarence.


Faith Promise Missionaries

Each of our Faith Promise missionaries has committed their lives to the furthering of the gospel in places across the globe. Please pray for their continued safety and God's favor for them. Pray for the effectiveness of their ministry and for their  families here and abroad.