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Missions Prayer Focus - June, 2002

Donald Shamblin Afghanistan

Donald has been invited to Afghanistan to teach English to the Cabinet Members for at least 3 to 4 months and possibly longer, but is still waiting for the go ahead afler several delays for various reasons. The last word they received indicated that the departure date will be early June. Please pray for his opportunity to share the gospel and wisdom as he does so. Pray as well that he receive the finances be will need for his on-site expenses which will be $700 a month for food, lodging and transportation.

The Hamds Middle East

Pray for the Druze converts and other believers in the area to be strengthened in their faith and for their continued willingness to reach out to others with the gospel in this place of great danger.

The Morses -Thailand. Burma, China

They are asking the Lord for an opportunity to work in the north country and want the Lord's direction regarding the next step there.

Chris Hena - Kazahkstan

Pray for Chris assimilation into the community. People in Semey have heen very rude to her and have been making fun of her. She will not let that deter her from doing God's work there. Continue to pray for Chris' own health as it may he affected by the years of radiation contamination there. She will also need prayers for a safe food and water supply.

The Beises - France

Remember to pray for their neighbors, Odile and Sebestian, and their family. They've heen asking Jim and Angela questions about their faith arid have asked Jim to participate in the baptism of their baby daughter. Pray that the Lord would lead the Beises in their answers to this family seeking the truth.

The Banales - Mexico

Continue to pray for Audrey as she recovers from back surgery and for Jose as he has taken on added responsibility for household and ministry needs during Audrey's convalescence.

The Chandys - Sri Lanka

Remember the New Covenant Church, which started with five members in July and has had packed services since. They now have three services for about 200 people. Pray for space to house all the believers for worship. Two members there have a vision to start a Christian radio station and recording studio and need funding to make a film about the miracle of a young woman from the area. There is a new government in Sri Lanka that includes three Catholic Christians in Parliament. Continue to pray for the peace talks underway between the warring factions facilitated by Norway.

The Coxes - Botswana, Africa

The Coxes will be leaving in June for their work in Botswana. Pray for ease of assimilation for the whole family, but especially for the children. They have gotten their belongings crated up for shipment and will need provision for household items like a washer and dryer and fans compatible with the local electric supply.

El Salvador - Fall. 2002

Pray for the families who will be receiving the homes we will build in El Salvador. We will likely be working in the Jayaque area, which was had major damage from the earthquakes in 2001. Pray for wisdom and a good working relationship with our brothers and sisters in El Salvador.

Rio Bravo June 27- 30,2002

The next medical team to Rio Bravo is set, with Ed and Joyce Grimes as team leaders. Dr. Robert Paul and his wife, Linda, are going as first time VIM'ers. Pray for the effectiveness of this team in witnessing and providing medical care. And if you see Dr. Ted Trimble, be sure to thank him for his rich generosity and selfless service in Rio Bravo over the past several years. Ted and his family will shortly he moving back to Texas to serve God there.

Clarence Wagner - Israel

Remember to pray for Clarence as he does his work with Bridges for Peace in Israel near Bethlehem. There is fighting all around where he lives and works. Indeed, pray for the peace of Jerusalem arid for Clarence.


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