Missions Prayer Focus November 2002

Clarence Wagner Israel
Clarence's mother, Ann, shares with us that Israel is preparing for war, which is expected by Thanksgiving. They are getting a room in the house sealed against chemical or biological weapons, gas masks, and supplies of food and water. Life is not easy there now, but it is giving Christians an opportunity to bless the people there and share comfort, prayer and the Word of God. Ann will be travelling there November 6th to 21st.

The Shamblins Afghanistan
Donald has been asked to teach English at the Office of the Minister of Education. His original assignment to teach English to the cabinet members has not happened. The university there closes the latter part of November because of a lack of heat and electricity. Donald is scheduled to return to the U. S. on November 20th. Please pray for his contacts in Afghanistan, his safe travel home and God's direction for his and Marlis' ministry in 2003. As Marlis said, "We want our last years to count for His Kingdom." Marlis also reports that she and some team members will be visiting with Pat Capwell soon and asks for prayer for Pat's safe travel. The director of ECI, Von Heckmann and his family are ready to leave for Afghanistan, but need to rent their house. Pray for the right person to come along soon!

The Beises France
Jim is starting a ministry called "Le Fonderie" as a discipleship course for professional artists from different areas of the arts. The 12-week course will host speakers from around the world. Angela is leading a group of eight through the Alpha Course and co-leading a small group at church. Continue to pray for their neighbors Odile and Sebestian, who are seeking Christ. They have moved from Paris to a part of the country where the church is not strong. Their two older children, Brian and Melissa are attending a bilingual school in Paris. Brian is very active in Young Life, inviting his friends to have lunch weekly with the YL Director.

Chris Hena Kazakhstan
Chris and 11 other believers from the region have begun meeting for fasting and all night prayer. Their next vigil will be on November 1. They are praying for the people of the city of Semey to receive Jesus as Savior. They have started a new ministry providing food for the poor.

The Hamds Middle East
Robby, Joyce, and their family need our prayers to cope with the stress working in that region of the world. They feel they are being attacked in many ways, which is leading to Joyce having difficulty sleeping, which seems to make the problems surrounding them worse. Pray for a retired Army general named Saiid and his wife, a Druze religious woman. Saiid's wife is very interested in and open to the gospel. In addition, Naamat, a close friend of the Hamds has been attacked spiritually by the Druze community. Pray that she will continue to search for truth. A successful young businessman, Mahmood, has just been hospitalized and had three minor surgeries. He is wondering what life is about. They have also had an Arab Christian team distributing material in a mountain city. Pray that God would allow the Hamds to follow up with the many seekers. Robby has led an elderly man to the Lord. The man is now experiencing family difficulty and Robby asks that we pray for the man's perseverance.

The Coxes Botswana, Africa
Caitlyn Ila Cox was born September 22, 21 ½ " and 8 lbs. 7 ½ oz! She will be called Cayla, which means wise child. Their daughter, Rebekah, is having seizures, which has been a problem since birth. She saw a neurologist the end of October. The Coxes also asked that we pray for some unspoken concerns they have asking that the Spirit lead in intercession. Their house helper, Botsili, was hospitalized after passing out at a funeral and has not come to. In addition, Barbara has offered to tutor a girl in her schoolwork. The Coxes have also been to visit the village SIM is proposing for their placement for the next four years. Barbara asks that we pray about housing for the family as well.

Jeanette Dunse Malawi, Africa
Jeanette is scheduled to return to Tulsa during November. Please pray for her safe travel and for the orphanage in her absence.

The Chackos India
Mathews met with Dr. Cosby in September to discuss the VIM to India in early 2003. Pray for God's emissaries from FUMC to represent us at the dedication of the new facilities at Bethany Academy.

The Kuneys Honduras
The Kuneys and their children work in a village called Seis de Mayo offering sewing, nutrition, child care and discipleship classes to young women in the area. Pray that the students will receive Christ and that those touched by the Lord through the efforts of a recent team would continue to grow. Gary also needs our prayers for his health. He has been having problems with high blood pressure and an irregular heartbeat.

Sunday Onuoha Nigeria
Pray for the political situation in Nigeria. The nation has a failing infrastructure, poverty and vigilantism and local government elections have been postponed indefinitely. The current president, Obasanjo, spends extended periods of time out of the country and the Lower House of their governing body is calling for his resignation or impeachment. There will be another presidential election in February, 2003. One of the candidates, named Rochas, is a godly man who wants to help the people. Sunday Onuoha has become acquainted with him and believes he is God's man for the job.

The Banales Mexico
Please pray for Audrey's father as he heals from knee surgery. Also pray that Audrey recovers quickly from her hernia surgery. Audrey was in Tulsa to care for her parents during her father's convalescence.

Faith Promise Missionaries
Pray for the continued safety of our Faith Promise missionaries and God's favor for them. Pray for the effectiveness of their ministry and for their families here and abroad.