Missions Prayer Focus October 2002

The Hamds Middle East

Pray for a retired Army general named Saiid and his wife, a Druze religious woman. Saiid's wife is very interested in and open to the gospel. Also Naamat, a close friend of the Hamds has been attacked spiritually by the Druze community. Pray that she will continue to search for truth. A successful young businessman, Mahmood, has just been hospitalized and had three minor surgeries. He is wondering what life is about. They have also had an Arab Christian team distributing material in a mountain city. Pray that God would allow the Hamds to follow up with the many seekers. Robby has led an elderly man to the Lord. The man is now experiencing family difficulty and Robby asks that we pray for the man's perseverance. The Hamds admit to fatigue and request prayers for their rest.

Clarence Wagner Israel

A suicide bomber detonated a bomb in a small lunch stand during the lunch hour about a block and a half from the Bridges for Peace office in Jerusalem. None of the Bridges for Peace staff were injured, and miraculously, no one except the bomber himself was killed in the attack, though five were wounded. The message about the attack ended by saying "We all know that God has smiled on us today as He protected us from injury or death."

The Chackos India

Mathews is planning to be in the US in September and October and will be looking for people with materials and knowledge to start a Montessori school program in India. The Chackos are praying for workers to help them teach English, Art, Music, Computers, and physical education in grades kindergarten through 12th and Bible in their Divinity School. They also have several proposed development projects on the campus and with the people to whom they minister.

The Coxes Botswana, Africa

The Cox's baby is due on Sept. 28. Barbara reports that her pregnancy is going well, with good pre-natal care at a clinic nearby. Pray for a man they've met named Paul, who is not a Christian, nor is his helper, Ozias, but they are very friendly and seem open to hearing about Jesus. Ozias asks lots of questions, especially of the Cox's children, about why they would leave America to live in Botswana. Pray for God's continued protection of the whole family.

Jeanette Dunse Malawi, Africa

Jeanette is slowly recovering from a severe case of malaria that required hospitalization. The disease has left her very weak. Pray for Jeanette's speedy recovery and for help with her work at the orphanage.

Chris Hena Kazakhstan

Providing health care is such a challenge there. Tuberculosis is a major health problem. The unemployment is about 85% and hospital patients' families are expected to provide their food since most hospitals no longer have meal service. Health care is not free and families don't have the funds to purchase prescribed medications. Even local physicians don't have the basic supplies they need to care for patients. On a more positive note, Chris' secretary and the accountant have accepted Jesus as their Lord and her language teacher has started studying the Bible with the three of them as well. She will begin her "peanut butter" evangelism with the children to feed their bodies and their spirits. Chris asks people to come teach English as a second language, small business start-up, share health information with local physicians, work with young people and help at the orphanage with 78 children available for adoption. Continue to pray for Chris' own health as it may be affected by the years of radiation contamination there.

The Kuneys Honduras

The Kuneys and their children work in a village called Seis de Mayo offering sewing, nutrition, child care and discipleship classes to young women in the area. Pray that the 14 new students will receive Christ and that those touched by the Lord through the efforts of a recent team would continue to grow.

Sunday Onuoha Nigeria

Pray for the political situation in Nigeria. The nation has a failing infrastructure, poverty and vigilanteism are rampant, and local government elections have been postponed indefinitely. The current president, Obasanjo, spends extended periods of time out of the country and the lower house of their governing body is calling for his resignation or impeachment. There will be another presidential election in February, 2003. One of the candidates, named Rochas, is a godly man who wants to help the people. Sunday Onuoha has become acquainted with him and believes he is God's man for the job.
Allende, Mexico October, 2002
Pray that the Lord would supply members for a team from FUMC to help complete the church in Allende that has been under construction for quite some time.

The Beises France

The Alpha course, offered in English, has the potential to reach people from all parts of the globe who live in Paris. Everyone who attended the first course, with one exception, received Christ as his or her savior. Gail, their friend, is finding that more people want the Alpha course than she has leaders to teach it!

The Shamblins Afghanistan

Donald arrived in Afghanistan on August 25th to teach English to the Cabinet Members for at least 3 to 4 months and possibly longer. There are six men in all on the team. Please pray he has opportunity to share the gospel and wisdom as he does so. Pray as well for his health and the finances he will need for his on-site expenses which will be about $1000 a month for food, lodging and transportation. Remember the team members' families at home.

The Chandys Sri Lanka

Verghese has had trouble with his vision, which he says is improved to 85% of normal, but needs more prayer for full recovery. Pray for space for all the believers who come for worship at the New Covenant Church, which now has three services each week for about 200. Also, pray for their efforts to start a Christian radio station and recording studio for the area.

Morses Thailand, Burma, China

Pray that the church in China can acquire the adjacent property to expand their ministry.

El Salvador October 5-12, 2002

Pray for the families who will be receiving the homes we will build in El Salvador. We will likely be working in the Jayaque area, which had major damage from the earthquakes in 2001. Pray for wisdom and a good working relationship with our brothers and sisters in El Salvador.

The Banales Mexico

Audrey expects to be released by her doctor in a few months following her successful back surgery. Because of her surgery, Audrey and Jose had the opportunity to share the Gospel with a good friend who accepted Jesus as Lord. Praise God who works in all things! Additional surgery is anticipated for Audrey the end of September to repair her esophagus, which does not close properly causing reflux. Also, pray for the preparations underway for a VIM team from FUMC to work with the Banales. We are planning for a team to go to Mexico City in early 2003.

Faith Promise Missionaries

Pray for the continued safety of our Faith Promise missionaries and God's favor for them. Pray for the effectiveness of their ministry and for their families here and abroad.